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DAWKCoTM Software is a division of The Kelly CompanySM
DAWKCoTM Software Internet e-Mail Servers, Website Admin and Secure Data Backup software: POP3 Server, WebMail and SMTP Rules Component (anti-spam DNSBL) for small business and hosting providers; Sitemap Protocol Web Site Mapper for search engine optimization and website management; BackupSecure for secure data backup. Download the Help Files for any version of interest to review the features before you buy.
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DAWKCo POP3 Services with WebMAIL Extension and DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component for Windows Internet Information Services (IIS) provide a complete network mail server solution for your Internet and Intranet clients. DAWKCo Web Site Mapper assists Webmasters and web server administrators by automating creation of Sitemap Protocol sitemap files for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and sitemap web pages for websites. DAWKCo BackupSecure provides Vista and Server 2008 system admins flexible backup options for backing up NTFS and EFS encrypted confidential data files to fixed or removable media.
POP3 Server for Windows®
DAWKCo POP3 Server for Windows® Server and Professional/Workstation versions (2000/XP/2003 or later) is a robust POP3 server running as a system service that completes the IIS mail solution by providing advanced message routing, mailboxes for e-mail storage and network message delivery to POP3 clients.

DAWKCo POP3 server software is available in two flavors: POP3 Services Small Business Version and POP3 Server Hosting Version.

DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version fills the void for small businesses needing a complete, yet affordable POP3 mail server solution for their corporate or office users. NEW! DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version now includes the DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component and the DAWKCo POP3 Admin API!

DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version provides advanced mailbox aliasing, routing, forwarding and distribution features, and it allows sharing of a Windows account between mailboxes.

Also included in all POP3 Server versions: mailbox autoresponders, web-based POP3 Domains Admin Utility and web-based Mailbox Client Utility. The web-based POP3 utilities are IIS ISAPI Extensions (DLL processes accessed from a virtual directory of a website) which enable you to remotely and securely configure POP3 Domains and Mailboxes using any Internet Standards based web browser.

WebMail for IIS websites
DAWKCo WebMAIL Extension is an ISAPI Extension for IIS websites that adds full-featured web-based e-mail messaging to existing SMTP/POP3 services.1
1 Requires Windows 2000/XP/2003 or later running the IIS WWW and SMTP services, as well as DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version.
SMTP Rules Component spam blocker for IIS
DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component for IIS 5/6 or later regulates inbound e-mail message traffic for the IIS SMTP Service per admin policy, protecting the SMTP Virtual Servers and ensuring more stable and efficient operation. By implementing and enforcing Reverse and Forward DNS Queries, DNSBL (Block List) Queries and subsequent URIBL Scanning of messages, its Spam blocker can block over 99% of all incoming Spam2 more efficiently than a Spam Filter, while defending against hacking exploits that could compromise or hijack your mail server.
The DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component can be used either with or without a coexisting DAWKCo POP3 Server installation3, but by implementing POP3 mailbox lookups, the SMTP Rules Component can block virtually all non-deliverable inbound e-mail to eliminate "Badmail" messages build-up due to non-deliverable DSN's (bounces).
2 Spam: unsolicited bulk or commercial e-mail, a.k.a. UBE or UCE.
3 The POP3 mailbox lookups option (only) requires either DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version, or DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version (with or without the WebMAIL Extension).
POP3 Admin API & SDK
DAWKCo POP3 Admin API & SDK4 enables you to automate POP3 server administrative tasks by using scripts to access, update, backup and restore a DAWKCo POP3 configuration. You can also use the API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) to build custom programs that integrate a DAWKCo POP3 configuration with your own administrative solutions.
4 Requires either DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version, DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version v5.7 (or later), or DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version with WebMAIL Extension.
BackupSecure secure backup for Windows Vista / Server 2008
DAWKCo BackupSecure is a console (command line) backup application for Windows® Vista and Server 2008 that will backup select NTFS and EFS folders and files, preserving file security descriptors, file attributes and raw EFS encrypted file data. BackupSecure will backup data from any local or remote NTFS volume to any local or remote fixed or removable media (accessed via drive path or network share UNC path). As the Windows Server Backup application that is included with Windows Server 2008 only backs up entire volumes, and does not allow backup to removable media, DAWKCo BacupSecure provides Vista and Server 2008 system admins the critical ability to backup specific confidential data files for clients and conveniently remove the backup media from the system for safe and secure storage.
Sitemap Protocol Web Site Mapper
DAWKCo Web Site Mapper is a console (command line) application that automatically generates Sitemap Protocol sitemap files and sitemap web pages for web sites. A Sitemap Protocol sitemap file not only improves website exposure and visibility by providing hints to Internet Search Engine Web Crawlers, but also provides webmasters and web server administrators with insights for improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
DAWKCo Software Technical Support - Help - FAQ
See the DAWKCo Software Tech Support site to get help and support for DAWKCo Software products and services. Includes: a FAQ, example screen shot images, SIR (Support Inquiry Response) articles, release notes, specifications, free downloads, contact info and more. Get peer support in the DAWKCo Software Chat Room, or at the Software Topic Discussion.
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Website Design Services by DAWKCo Software
Professional web site design services by DAWKCoTM Software, a division of The Kelly CompanySM, will promote your business and enhance your product marketing efforts on the World Wide Web of the Internet. We can quickly design what you need to establish a polished and functional business presence on the web.

This website's web designer was an award winner in the Microsoft® SiteBuilders Network Activate the Internet Contest. It was chosen for technical excellence, implementation of ActiveX Technology, and overall site design and functionality.

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