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DAWKCo Software Chat Room

Welcome to the DAWKCo Software Chat Room, where the topic is Software, including any related subjects pertaining to software--design, development, programming, debugging, use and trends, etc. Compare notes with others, seek peer-to-peer help, or just shoot the breeze.

Policies & Terms Of Use  |  Can't Connect To Chat Server?

NOTICE: the ChatNow Java chat client applet, formerly known as Backpack and made available by Webmaster Inc., has been phased out. Webmaster Inc. has transitioned the ChatNow chat client to a Shockwave Flash Player alternative.

Two Web-based chat room versions are currently available:
  • Webmaster Inc.'s ChatNow Shockwave Flash Version
    This web page provides a familiar chat room client user interface and includes searchable access to the server's Rooms List, and access to chat server Services and options via Server Commands, including the Help Server service (HelpServ) and Memo Server messaging service (MemoServ).
    Requirements:  Any browser that supports and has installed the Shockwave Flash Player (version 7 or later). Currently, this includes: Firefox, Gecko, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari and others.
  • Microsoft's ActiveX Chat Protocol Control Object Version
    As "Web Chat" as it gets! This web page uses HTML 4.01, DOM, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript and a couple of ActiveX Control objects (MS Chat Protocol and Media Player controls) to dynamically create a virtual chat room on the web page.
    Requirements:  MS Internet Explorer version 4 or later, or any browser that is fully compatible with same (e.g., AOL versions that use the Internet Explorer browser, etc.).
Other Options

You can also join our chat room/channel using any Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client program, such as MS Chat, mIRC, etc., by connecting to "" on port 6667 and joining the "#dawkco" chat room (channel).

Note About Nicknames

Normally, the chat server reserves nicknames on a first-come first-served basis; in other words, if you try to use a nickname that is already in use, you will be required to use another (the chat server will automatically generate a random nickname for you).

However, if you have a favorite nickname that you like to use in chat rooms, you may be able to register it with the chat server (if it is not already registered) so that you will always be able to use that nickname in our chat room. To register a Nickname within the IRC Network, see one of the following:

Note that if you do not use your registered nickname for any continuous duration of 21 days, your nickname registration will be dropped automatically.

DAWKCo Software Chat Room Policies & Terms Of Use
  • The DAWKCo Software Chat Room is, for the most part, NOT moderated. We have no control over what might be said, nor over the opinions expressed by individuals who might use the chat room.
  • We respectfully request all DAWKCo Software Chat Room users to refrain from provocative or obscene language and from such practices as "Flooding." Please treat others in the room/channel with respect and courtesy.
  • To ensure compliance with chat policies, the DAWKCo Software Chat Room may be randomly monitored by the owners/operators of this website, or by the owners/operators of or ( administers the IRC network in which our DAWKCo Software Chat Room resides.) Excessive abuse may result in the banning of offenders or the closing of the DAWKCo Software Chat Room/Channel.
  • We will visit the DAWKCo Software Chat Room as frequently as time permits. Informal meetings may be scheduled to address customer tech support issues.

Can't Connect To Chat Server?
  • If your computer or network is protected by a hardware and/or software firewall, you must make sure that port 6667 is open to allow the chat protocol communication that is required by this chat room.
  • If you don't use a hardware or software firewall, or your hardware and/or software firewall is already configured to allow communication on port 6667, but you are still unable to connect to the chat server, then one of the following conditions is a likely reason: the maximum number of clients supported by the chat server are already connected; there is a temporary network outage; or, the chat server is temporarily down for maintenance. In these events, please try again later.
  • The WebChat IRC Network currently does not allow connection via non-secure (open) proxy servers.
  • Please report any problems to our Webmaster. Thank you.

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