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A free web-based newsgroup discussion about software and web development, programming problems, solutions, designs, methods, implementations, applications and related subjects.
Terms of Use
ALL DATA THAT YOU POST MAY BE VIEWED BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC, including any sender information if supplied by you. Our Message Boards may be moderated--posting of some messages may be delayed if they require manual review. To the maximum extent possible, we will post all messages submitted; however, posting of messages will be at our sole discretion per the following policy please:
  • No Spam
  • No classified, want, personal, or other advertisements
  • No pornographic or obscene language
  • No rude, insulting, offensive or inflammatory language
  • No automated postings
  • Whenever possible, please keep posted messages pertinent to the main topic, and follow-up messages pertinent to the original message "thread."

Please note that all HTML markup tags found in messages will automatically be character entity encoded prior to posting. In other words, HTML markup tags entered will be displayed exactly as input and will not affect the format or style of messages.

Entire messages will either be allowed or disallowed--we will not edit message content. Thank you for your cooperation! To report abuse or server errors, please contact our Webmaster.

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