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Subject: Finally some 'Standards'
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:20:02 -0400

I like this sites use of the ECMA Script Binding for DOM (Document Object Model).   Now that most current browsers are supporting DOM, we finally have a way to script web pages that will work in most browsers without a multitude of browser specific hacks.

For example, the way this site's script tests for browser capabilities based on functions supported instead of by browser brand or version:

function ShowGroupMenu(oMenuElt) {
   if (oMenuElt && document.getElementById) {
      var sGrpID = "" +,"_"));
      var sGroupMenuItemID = sGrpID + "_menuitem";
      var oGroupMenuItem = document.getElementById(sGroupMenuItemID);
// ...
// etc.

At that point, if the browser supports the DOM's document.getElementById() script binding function, you have an object reference to an (HTML) Element in the web page (identified by its id="" attribute); and, you can dynamically access and/or change all of that element's styles and attributes using the other DOM script binding functions available. An example being the collapsible pop-up menus used here.

If the browser doesn't support DOM, the scripting function is skipped and the web page merely displays a static link from an A (anchor) element tag that's embedded within the menu's DIV element.

I'm not saying that all browsers will now be 100% compatible, but these methods will definitely save some hair-pulling over those issues, and in the long-run make life a lot easier for the web designer/programmer.

Thank you W3C!

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