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Subject: Updated Cookie handling
Posted by: dawkco software
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 13:53:21 -0700

We recently updated our website to enable site-wide tracking of shopping cart contents using Cookies.  (Previously, the cart tracking was restricted to just the catalog section.)

One problem we ran into was that, unless a path is explicitly specified in a cookie, the cookie name/value will apply only to the path of the current URL.  The work-around is to specify ";path=/" in the cookie no matter what the URL is; then, its name/value data is unique and applicable site-wide.

Another problem we found was that current version browsers vary in their support for updated cookie specifications.  The original Netscape cookie proposal called for a Set-Cookie header with an optional ";expires=cookie-date" attribute name/value, where cookie-date was a variation of the old HTTP/1.0 (RFC 1945) GMT date/time spec.  Unfortunately, the original Netscape cookie-date format does not conform to the new HTTP/1.1 (RFC 2616) requirement that only the RFC 1123 GMT date/time format be used in headers.  The new cookie handling methods specified in RFC 2965, HTTP State Management Mechanism, call for a Set-Cookie2 header with an optional ";max-age=delta-seconds" attribute, similar to the max-age cache-control directive in HTTP/1.1, where delta-seconds is just the lifetime of the cookie in seconds from the time it was received.  In addition, RFC 2965 adds to the Set-Cookie2 header a new required ";version=1" attribute, as well as other useful optional attributes like ";disc ard" and ";comment=text".

In terms of manipulating cookies using JavaScript, Microsoft Internet Explorer recognizes an ";expires=cookie-date" attribute with a properly formatted date value (per RFC 1123), but does not recognize a ";max-age=delta-seconds" attribute.  Conversely, Netscape Gecko recognizes a ";max-age=delta-seconds" attribute, but surprisingly does not recognize (or ignores) an ";expires=cookie-date" attribute.  We found that a work-around which enables both versions of browser to correctly handle cookie expiration is to include both the expires= and max-age= attributes.

The following javascript code function named "setCookie" shows how we handled the issues described above by setting the path= attribute to the root path, and by using both the old Netscape-style expires= attribute and the new RFC 2965 max-age= attribute for setting the cookie lifetime.  (Note that the setCookie function contains one single line statement, but the line may be wrapped into multiple lines by your browser/viewer.)

function setCookie(sName, sValue, sTtl) {
  document.cookie = "" + escape(sName) + "=" + escape(sValue) + ";path=/" + getExpiryStr(sTtl) + ";version=1;max-age=" + getDeltaSecs(sTtl).toString() + ";comment=ProductsList";

The getExpiryStr function returns a string containing ";expires=cookie-date" where cookie-date is a RFC 1123 formatted GMT date/time string.  The sTtl (time-to-live) parameter of both the getExpiryStr and getDeltaSecs functions is a string that indicates an offset from the current date/time and takes the form "-?d+ aa".  For example, "0 sc", "300 mn", "2 hr", "-1 dy", "12 dy", "1 mo", "1 yr", etc.  Note that a negative offset can only be used with the getExpiryStr function (i.e., for expires=cookie-date); as the max-age=delta-seconds attribute requires a non-negative integer value, you must use an offset greater than or equal to 0 with the getDeltaSecs function.  You can get the full javascript source code from /kscripts/cookies.js at this web site.

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