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Subject: Re: Centering tables in Netscape browsers
Posted by: Anonymous
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 12:45:34 -0700
In Reply To: Re: Centering tables in Netscape browsers posted by DaveKelly on Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:40:30 -0700

I also see some discussions about <!DOCTYPE ...> switching to accomodate the quirks of different browser versions.  It seems this could only be done dynamically on the server side and would be a huge bother just to accomodate nonconformant browsers.

I say throw the old non-standard browsers overboard and go with standards based software.

:-----Original Message-----
:I feel your pain :=|  Luckily some people have figured this one out and there's a fairly simple work-around.
:I found the following solution from Nicholas G. Theodorakis at:
:Although I take exception to his assertion that this is the correct way to center tables (implying that enclosing within a block having the { text-align: center } style is incorrect) this method does work in virtually all browsers and is simple to implement.
:Basically, create the following styles:
:text-align: center;
:margin-left: auto;
:margin-right: auto;
:text-align: left;
:Then use the following construct in your HTML:
:<div class=divctr>
:<table class=tblctr>
:<!-- your table content here -->
:To make a long story short, some browsers need the { text-align: center } style applied to the enclosing div tag and some browsers will use the { margin-left: auto } and { margin-right: auto } styles applied to the table tag (with or without the enclosing div tag).
:FYI, the { text-align: left } style applied to the table tag is a work-around for some browsers which inherit the { text-align: center } style applied to the enclosing div tag and consequently center the contents of the table cells.
:For more details about the behavior of various browsers when using different layout methods, see Theodorakis' web site.
::-----Original Message-----
::This is driving me crazy!  It seems impossible to center a table in Netscape browsers using CSS style sheets.  The deprecated <Center> HTML tag works, but without that and no matter what text-align style you enclose a table in, the table just aligns all the way to the left side.
::Anyone have a solution?

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