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DAWKCoTM Software
e-Mail Servers, Website Admin & Secure Backup Software
for Windows® Operating Systems

Overview of DAWKCo BackupSecure

File cabinet and key icon of DAWKCo BackupSecure for Windows Vista / Server 2008 for backup of secure confidential encrypted files DAWKCo BackupSecure is a console (command line) application that provides backup flexibility not currently available in the Windows Server Backup application that is included with Windows Server 2008. BackupSecure will backup folders and files from any local or remote NTFS disk to any local or remote disk or removable media that can be accessed via disk drive path or network share UNC path. BackupSecure backups preserve NTFS file security descriptors, file attributes, and EFS encrypted file data in its raw encrypted form.

For more details, please see: DAWKCo BackupSecure for Windows Vista & Server 2008.

Overview of DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component

DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component
DAWKCo SMTP Rules Admin Help Screen Shot integrates with Windows® IIS SMTP Service (v5.0 or later) to regulate inbound e-mail traffic per admin policy. It is primarily used to: block spam; defend against phishing, hacks and exploits; and, to block non-deliverable inbound e-mail. Specifically, the DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component will control whether certain inbound SMTP protocol commands are accepted or blocked, based upon rules that are set by the mail system administrator.

With respect to the IP addresses and/or domains of all inbound SMTP connections, the DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component will implement and enforce: Reverse and Forward DNS Lookups; multiple IP-based and/or Domain-based DNSBL (Block List) Queries; Sender (MAIL FROM) Domain Mail eXchanger or Host DNS Lookups; DNSCCL (Country Codes List) Queries checked against a locally defined Country Codes Block List; and URIBL message scanning. Using these methods, the DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component spam blocker can block over 99% of all incoming spam (Unsolicited Bulk/Commercial E-mail, a.k.a. UBE or UCE) more efficiently than a filter, while defending against Phishing, and other abuse such as hacking exploits that could compromise or hijack your mail server.

The DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component can be used either with or without a coexisting DAWKCo POP3 Server installation*, but by implementing POP3 Mailbox Lookups, the SMTP Rules Component can block virtually all non-deliverable inbound e-mail to eliminate "Badmail" messages build-up due to non-deliverable DSN's (bounces).

*Only the POP3 mailbox lookups (Verify Local Recipients) option requires a DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting or WebMAIL version configuration.
Customer Feedback:
"By the way...for some reason my domain was targeted by a huge increase in spam, but I didn't notice until I looked at the [SMTP Rules Component] logs and [saw]...Thousands of spam mails have been blocked ... don't know what is happening but it's saved my mail system from being overwhelmed...hence, the reason I just put it on a customer server, and in [several] days [it] has...blocked over 2,000 [Spam messages] and I lost count somewhere [over] 20,000 in 3 months [on my system] -- the [SMTP Rules Component's] reverse DNS has been switched back on...and this reduced the contents of my junk mail folder by 100 a day.
"Great product!"
John Thorpe
Millennia Computer Services Ltd

For more details, please see DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component.

DAWKCo Web Site Mapper - Sitemap Protocol Schema Screen Shot Overview of DAWKCo Web Site Mapper

DAWKCo Web Site Mapper
is a console (command line) application that automatically generates Sitemap Protocol sitemap files and sitemap web pages for web sites. A Sitemap Protocol sitemap file not only improves website exposure and visibility by providing hints to Internet Search Engine Web Crawlers, but also provides webmasters and web server administrators with insights for improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For more details, please see:
DAWKCo Web Site Mapper.

Overview of POP3 Servers & WebMAIL

DAWKCo POP3 Server & MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Services
POP3 Admin Utility Screen Shot POP3 e-mail server software programs that run as system services on any Windows Servers (200x or later) or even Windows 2000/XP Professional. DAWKCo POP3 Server provides network clients with POP3 email mailbox services, working in conjunction with the IIS SMTP Service (included with Windows) to create a full-featured end-point solution. The DAWKCo MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service facilitates routing of inbound SMTP messages from IIS to the DAWKCo POP3 mailboxes. The included POP3 Admin Utility makes it easy to add, rename, configure or remove virtual domains and their mailboxes in the POP3 configuration.

At a reasonably low price, this fast, efficient and reliable POP3 mail server software is a great deal that's hard to beat. There are NO per user or per mailbox license restrictions! It's what your business network or web hosting services company needs, at the right price, right now.

DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version is equipped for larger scale virtual domain hosting operations, with support for an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes in an unlimited number of Virtual Domains (up to system resource limits); and, it's available at a price that even any small business can afford!

DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version with WebMAIL Extension adds Web-based e-mail client functionality, so your hosted POP3 users can also access their POP3 mailboxes using any Internet Standards-based Web browser. With DAWKCo WebMAIL, clients can Read or Download messages and/or attachments, Reply, Forward, Delete, Compose, Address and Send messages using their Web browser, optionally including local files as attachments to their outgoing messages.

New!  DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version with SMTP Rules Component provides small businesses with an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes in up to about 4096 virtual domains (more or less, depending on lengths of domain names, up to system resource limits). In the Small Business Version, virtual domains act as aliases for the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the mail server host for purposes of mailbox e-mail address resolution. POP3 Services Small Business Version now includes the DAWKCo SMTP Rules Component for blocking spam, and for verifying recipients to prevent bounces and non-deliverable Badmail. Also included, the POP3 Admin API provides import/export backup and restore capabilities, as well as programmatic access via COM-aware scripting engines and applications.

DAWKCo POP3 Admin API & SDK*, enables automation of POP3 administrative tasks using your own scripts or custom programs to access and update the POP3 configuration. *For POP3 Services Small Business Version, the POP3 Admin API is included (but the SDK is optional); for POP3 Server Hosting Version, the POP3 Admin API & SDK is an optional add-on.

Web-based POP3 Domains Admin Utility Screen Shot

Included in all POP3 Server versions:
*Mailbox Autoresponders
*Web-based Admin Utility
*Web-based Client Utility

The Web-based POP3 Admin Utility enables POP3 mailbox owners that you designate as POP3 Domain Admins to configure POP3 domains and mailboxes remotely and securely, using any Internet Standards-based web browser over the Internet. POP3 mailbox owners can update a subset of their mailbox properties using the Web-based POP3 Mailbox Client Utility.

The Web-based POP3 utilities run as IIS WWW Service ISAPI Extensions and require no ASP or server-side scripting.

Customer Feedback:
"I am continually impressed with the DAWKCo POP3 Server product. It is intuitive to install and administer, is very low maintenance, and meets the needs of our local, remote, and traveling users. ... I have received far better support from DAWKCo for free than I have from any other major developer, whether they charge for it or not. Based on the support I have received alone, this product would still be a value at 5 times the price."
David Ricca
Technology Manager
Ricca Newmark Design

For more details, please see: DAWKCo Internet e-Mail Server Software.

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