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DAWKCoTM Software
POP3 Services Small Business Version
with SMTP Rules Component and Admin API

v5.0.7 for Windows® 2000/XP/WS2003/WS2008[1] x86/32-bit
v5.1 for Windows® Server 2008 x64/64-bit
New Features in Version 5:
check mark Secure POP3 Over TLS Protocol (SSL):
  • STLS on Standard POP3 Port
  • Legacy Alternate TLS Port (pop3s)
  • 128-bit Encryption (if OS supports)
  • X.509 Certificate Mapping (Mutual Auth)
check mark Secure Authentication Methods:
  • GSSAPI Kerberos V5
  • CRAM-MD5
check mark 3DES Encryption of Logon Credentials
check mark Web-based Access to Mailbox Settings
check mark SMTP Rules Component:
  • Spam Blocking
  • Mailbox Verifications
  • Eliminate Bounced Messages
  • Defend Against DoS Attacks
check mark UNICODE UTF-8 Encoding:
  • Windows Usernames
  • Autoresponder Display Names
  • Autoresponse Message Text
check mark POP3 Server Admin API:
  • Import/Export Configuration (XML/CSV)
  • Access Configuration with Scripts
See the list of new features, changes and fixes in this release.

DAWKCo POP3 Services Small Business Version with SMTP Rules Component
POP3 Admin Mailboxes Dialog (Small Bus. Ver.) Designed for small businesses, POP3 Services SBV supports a limited (but generous) number of Internet virtual domains[2] that act as aliases for the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the mail server host for purposes of mailbox e-mail address resolution. POP3 Services SBV supports an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes (up to system resource limits), but requires a unique Windows user account for each separate POP3 Mailbox. However, each POP3 mailbox can have an unlimited number of mailbox name aliases (that are also coupled to the same Windows account).

In other words, A) different POP3 mailbox names assigned to the same Windows user account will share the same POP3 Mailbox; and B) mail for <name1@this.dom> and <name1@another.dom> will arrive in the same mailbox. The POP3 mailbox names and aliases must be unique within the entire POP3 site.

DAWKCo Software imposes NO per user, per mailbox, or per domain license restrictions; the software license is a "per server" license.

Note: for domain mailbox differentiation and Windows account decoupling see the Hosting Version. For Web-based e-mail capabilities see the Hosting Version with WebMAIL Extension.
Thinking about buying?  Download the Help File FREE for a preview of the software features and capabilities before you buy. (Includes screen shots of all admin dialogs.)

[1] See: Windows Server 2003 Compatibility for version compatibility info.

[2] Up to about 4096 virtual domains, more or less, depending on lengths of domain names (up to system resource limits).

Features & Specifications
    POP3 Admin MailDaemon Dialog (Small Bus. Ver.)
  • Windows Installer for Setup and Uninstall.
  • POP3 Admin Utility for configuring services.
  • POP3 Admin API for Scripting (details).
  • Web-based POP3 Admin and Client Utilities hosted on any IIS Web Site you select (on the local machine). Access with any Internet Standards-based Web Browser.
  • SMTP Rules Component for Spam Blocking and Recipient Verification (details).
  • Select any one IIS SMTP Virtual Server (on the local machine) for hosting the POP3 domains.
  • Automatically synchronize the POP3 and SMTP domains.
  • Secure POP3 Over TLS Protocol (128-bit TLS/SSL): STLS on standard POP3 Port, and dedicated legacy Alternate TLS Port (pop3s).
  • Secure Authentication for POP3 Logon: GSSAPI Kerberos V5, EXTERNAL, GSS-SPNEGO, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, CRAM-MD5.
  • TLS Mutual Authentication for AUTH EXTERNAL authentication (Client X.509 Certificate Mapping).
  • Mailbox Autoresponders with UTF-8 encoded Display Names and message text (supports UNICODE International characters).
  • POP3 Session Logging with W3C Extended Logfile Format.
  • Stand-alone Server or Windows Domain Member configurations.
  • Supports unlimited number of Mailboxes and Mailbox Aliases.
  • Supports large number[2] of Virtual Domains.
  • Multi-threaded implementation optimized for multiple processors.
  • Comprehensive Context Sensitive Help files (HTML Help)

Security & Reliability
    POP3 Admin Network Dialog (Small Bus. Ver.)
  • DAWKCo POP3 Server enforces Windows file and system access security through user impersonation. Windows NTFS File System Security is supported, and in fact required. The POP3 Admin program automatically sets proper access permissions so that only the designated POP3 User (the underlying Windows account), system Administrators and the operating system, have access to a given mailbox and its messages. The POP3 Server provides POP3 users with access to their e-mail messages only--they do not gain any unrelated access to the system, file system, or other resources, via a connection with the POP3 Server.
  • DAWKCo POP3 Server supports several advanced secure authentication methods available via POP3 AUTH Extensions to the protocol using the Simple Authentication and Security Layer framework specified in RFC 4422 [SASL]. Specifically, the AUTH mechanisms supported are: GSSAPI, GSS-SPNEGO, KERBEROS_V5, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, CRAM-MD5, and EXTERNAL.
  • DAWKCo POP3 Server supports Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) to provide Secure POP3 over TLS Protocol. The STLS command is supported per RFC 2595 [POP3-STARTTLS-EXT]. An optional alternate TLS port (pop3s) is also provided to support legacy clients that do not implement the STLS command. By combining the use of secure authentication methods and TLS/SSL communication, no POP3 or Windows user account names or passwords need ever be transmitted over the network in clear text.
  • The POP3 Server and its administrative utilities secure mailbox credentials using Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption (a.k.a. 3DES) compliant with FIPS PUB 46-3 (Federal Information Processing Standards Publication), NIST SP 800-67 (National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication), and NIST SP 800-38A.
  • Full Synchronization between the POP3 Server Service, the MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service, the SMTP Rules Component, the POP3 Admin Utility, the POP3 Admin API, and the Web-based POP3 Utilities is provided. Multiple simultaneous administrative sessions are supported.
  • The software code is compiled C++ with rigorous exception handling for rock-solid reliability, implementing the Microsoft Win32 API (Application Programming Interface) system libraries for efficient high speed performance.

MD5 Credits: portions of the DAWKCoTM POP3 Server and MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Services program code that implement encryption, decryption and the CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism were derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, copyright ©1991-1992 RSA Data Security, Inc.

All product and company names, logos and trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are, or may be trademarks or servicemarks, or registered trademarks or servicemarks, of their respective owners.

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