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DAWKCoTM Software
POP3 Server Hosting Version 6.0.7
for Windows® (32-bit: 2000/XP/2003[1])
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  • [1] See: Windows Server 2003 Compatibility for version compatibility info.

    NEW -- Free Trial Version Download of POP3 Server Hosting Version w/ WebMAIL!


    DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version is equipped for larger scale virtual domain hosting
    POP3 Admin Domains & Mailboxes Dialog (Hosting Ver.)operations, with support for an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes in an unlimited number of virtual domains (up to system resource limits) and advanced routing and forwarding features, with NO per user or per mailbox license restrictions.

    With the Hosting Version you can specify a list of alternate aliases/addresses for a mailbox, even addresses in different hosted domains! Or, create a distribution list for any mailbox so that messages sent to the mailbox are distributed to a list of other hosted mailboxes (e.g., a "Group" mailbox). Access to an unlimited number of POP3 mailboxes can be controlled with a single Windows User Account--even across different hosted domains. (If you need web-based e-mail capabilities please see the POP3 Server Hosting Version with WebMAIL Extension.)

    POP3 Admin MailDaemon Dialog (Hosting Ver.)

    The DAWKCo MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service routes e-mail messages received by the Windows IIS SMTP Server to the appropriate DAWKCo POP3 Mailboxes. (The IIS SMTP Server Service is included in Windows 2000/XP/2003, and in the free Windows NT Option Pack 4.0.) As with POP3, this is done as a transactional process so that no messages will be lost due to resource conflicts or system errors.

    Thinking about buying?
    Download the Help File FREE
    for a preview of the software features and capabilities before you buy. (Includes screen shots of all admin dialogs.)

    Features & Specifications
    POP3 Admin Mailbox Properties Dialog (Hosting Ver.)
    • Stand-alone executable POP3 Server Admin Utility for installing, configuring and uninstalling the services
    • Comprehensive Help files (HTML Help) including: POP3 Protocol description, theory of operation, step-by-step setup procedures with admin utility screen shots containing clickable pop-up descriptions, and other helpful notes, tips and caveats
    • Web-based "POP3 Domains Admin" and "POP3 Password Changer" Utilities. Enables the POP3 mailbox owners that you designate as POP3 Domain Administrators to administer their POP3 domains' mailboxes, and enables all POP3 clients to change their own POP3 passwords; both functions can be accomplished remotely and securely using any Internet Standards-based Web Browser via your default IIS website. All files required are included and the website virtual directory and web application are setup automatically.
    • Configurable Service Parameters & Administrative Settings:
      • POP3 Mail Directory (Root)
      • Default e-Mail Filename Extension
      • Message Expire Interval
      • User Login Delay Interval
      • User Inactivity Timeout (Auto-logoff) Interval POP3 Admin General Settings Dialog (Hosting Ver.)
      • POP3 Connection Logging
      • Maximum Log File Size
      • POP3 Port Number
      • Enable Web-based Admin
      • Web-based Admin Session Timeout Interval
      • Host Interface IP Address Binding
      • Server Type Selection (DC/Domain Member or Stand-alone Server)
      • Set Connection Access or Denial for Computers by IP Address or Subnet (IP Netmask)
      • Add, Edit, Update, Remove POP3 Domains & Mailboxes--create an unlimited number of POP3 Mailboxes in an unlimited number of Virtual Domains. Control access to an unlimited number of POP3 Mailboxes with a single Windows User (type) Account.
      • Designate Mailbox Owners as POP3 Domain "Users" or "Administrators"
      • Advanced per mailbox Routing--receive for: Alias(es), Unknowns in Domain, or All in Domain
      • Local or Remote Forwarding and Forward As Copy
      • Optional Mailbox Size Notification warnings (to user and Site Postmaster)
      • Per Mailbox Autoresponders
      • Each Mailbox can have either Multiple Aliases or a Distribution List (not both)
      • Site Postmaster e-Mail Address (for Non-Delivery Reports & Badmail Notices)
      • MailDaemon Service Paths to the Route, SMTP Drop, SMTP Pickup, SortTemp and Badmail folders
      • Badmail Notifications and Event Logging
      • Auto Empty Badmail

    • Conforms to RFC 1939, including support for the optional APOP (Authenticated POP), TOP (fetch x Topmost message lines) and UIDL (Unique ID List) commands.
    • Supports the CAPA (Capabilities) command and the following associated Extensions per RFC 2449:
      • Extended POP3 Response (Error) Codes for LOGIN-DELAY and IN-USE

    • Implements Windows' support for Multiple Processors.
    • UNICODE implementation
    • DAWKCo MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service automatically sends DSN (Delivery Status Notification) failure report replies (with original message headers attached) to senders of messages bound for invalid recipients (i.e., "unknown" users).
    Security & Reliability
    • Services are Integrated with Windows System Security Features. The services use Windows User Impersonation, or programmatic Login, to gain access to the client's e-mail files. The POP3 user authentication is accomplished in a two step process: first, the POP3 Alias and POP3 Password are used to authenticate a client for login to the POP3 Server. (Windows Accounts' Usernames and Passwords are never transmitted over the network). Then, DAWKCo POP3 Server accesses and decrypts an encrypted version of the Windows User Account login information, using the POP3 Alias and Password in conjunction with an encrypted "Shared Secret" that is stored locally on the server. Without the proper POP3 credentials and associated Shared Secret, the encrypted Windows user data can neither be accessed nor decrypted. POP3 Aliases may be up to 64 characters in length and POP3 Passwords up to 248 characters in length--the longer that either is, the more secure the scheme becomes. When the POP3 user performs a login to the POP3 Server, they are not logging onto Windows--rather, the mail services log on for them, strictly for purposes of accessing their e-mail messages and thereafter immediately log off.
    • Windows NTFS File System Security is supported, and in fact required. The POP3 Admin Utilities automatically create POP3 Mailbox Folders and set the required security access permissions in the File System and the System Registry so that only the assigned Windows User Account(s) (plus Administrators and SYSTEM) have access to the mailbox folders and files.
    • Supports the AUTH (POP3 Authentication) command per RFC's 1734 and 1731, using the CRAM-MD5 (Client Remote Authentication Mechanism with Keyed-MD5 Encryption) per RFC's 2195, 2104 and 2222.
    • DAWKCo MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service provides fail-safe routing. In the rare instance that a message file cannot be routed successfully and a NDR (Non-Delivery Report) cannot be generated/sent, Badmail Routing and Notification is provided. If Badmail Routing and Notification fails, an Error Event is logged in the Windows Event Log. Whenever the MailDaemon service is started, a sweep of the MailDaemon folders is made, and any message files found stranded there (due to system shutdown, restart, routing failure, etc.) are re-routed.
    • Full Synchronization between the POP3 Server Service, the MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service, the stand-alone executable POP3 Admin Utility, and the Web-based POP3 Domains Admin and POP3 Password Changer utilities is provided. Multiple simultaneous administrative sessions are supported.
    • Services' codebase written in C++ with the Microsoft Win32 API (Application Programming Interface) for efficient high speed performance, with rigorous exception handling added for rock-solid reliability.

    MD5 Credits: portions of the DAWKCoTM POP3 Server and MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Services program code that implement encryption, decryption and the CRAM-MD5 authentication mechanism were derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, copyright ©1991-1992 RSA Data Security, Inc.

    All product and company names, logos and trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are, or may be trademarks or servicemarks, or registered trademarks or servicemarks, of their respective owners.

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