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DAWKCoTM Software
POP3 Server Hosting Version 6.2.12 with WebMAIL Extension
for Windows® (32-bit: 2000/XP/2003[1])
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  • [1] See: Windows Server 2003 Compatibility for version compatibility info.

    NEW -- Free Trial Version Download of POP3 Server Hosting Version w/ WebMAIL!


    DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version with WebMAIL Extension
    WebMAIL Inbox screenshot enables your POP3 clients to perform most routine e-mail messaging tasks using any Internet standards-based Web Browser, in addition to using regular e-mail client software.

    Useful messaging tools for email from anywhere.

    Check and send e-mail while traveling away from home or office. Leave messages on the server, preview and delete without downloading if desired.
    WebMAIL Inbox Message Listing View

    WebMAIL Message Attachment Download screenshot

    Essential alternative for clients when at locations where they don't have their e-mail software installed or don't have a dial-up connection to their SMTP server for sending e-mail.

    DAWKCo WebMAIL uses your local IIS SMTP Server (or other SMTP Server) to send messages, and directly accesses the DAWKCo POP3 Server mailboxes for listing, viewing, downloading or deleting messages.
    WebMAIL Message Attachment Download View

    WebMAIL Setup Dialog

    You can provide WebMAIL services to your clients at a price your business can afford. NO per user or per mailbox license restrictions!

    Fully integrated and synchronized with the DAWKCo POP3 Server and MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Services and set up using a dialog in the same POP3 Admin Utility.

    For complete details, features and specifications of the POP3 Server Hosting Version portion of this software, see:
    DAWKCo POP3 Server Hosting Version.

    Thinking about buying?  Download the Help File to preview the features; or, download the Free Trial Version and "try before you buy." (Note: the Help file includes screen shots of all admin dialogs and WebMAIL views.)
    Customer Feedback:
    "I am continually impressed with the DAWCo POP3 Server product. It is intuitive to install and administer, is very low maintenance, and meets the needs of our local, remote, and traveling users. ... I have received far better support from DAWKCo for free than I have from any other major developer, whether they charge for it or not. Based on the support I have received alone, this product would still be a value at 5 times the price."
    David Ricca
    Technology Manager
    Ricca Newmark Design
    Features & Specifications
    WebMAIL MHTML Message View

    WebMAIL MHTML Message Viewer screenshot
      For Clients
    • View listing of current messages in Inbox; sort in asc/desc order by Date, Size, From, To, or Subject
    • Read both plain text and HTML formatted messages
    • Download and view file attachments and read attached messages
    • Compose and send New, Reply, Reply-To-All, and Forward messages
    • Attach files from client computers to messages being sent
    • Compose messages in plain text, or type/paste custom HTML script source code into message bodies*
    • Insert local plain text or HTML files in message bodies*
    • Insert web pages for MHTML (MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML) message bodies*
    • Create, view, edit and store (on the server) custom message Signatures (text/html blocks) and append them to outgoing message bodies
    • Request Read Receipts, and set Importance and Sensitivity of sent messages
    • Delete both individual messages, and batches of selected messages, from mailbox
    • Store personal "Address Book" (on the server) and retrieve frequently used e-mail addesses and associated display names
        Client-side Requirements
        The web pages output from WebMAIL should work well with any Internet standards-based web browser, regardless of operating system, that conforms to the following W3C (World-Wide Web Consortium) specifications:
      • HTML 4 (Hyper-Text Markup Language)
      • CSS 2 (Cascading Style Sheets)
      • ECMA 2.62 (European Computer Manufacturers Association) Scripting, a.k.a. JavaScript, or JScript
      • MHTML (MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML) support is required for viewing HTML formatted e-mail messages

    (*MIME encoding & formatting is provided upon Send. HTML editing capabilities are not provided.)

    WebMAIL Frames screenshot
      For Service Providers
    • Configure WebMAIL to send messages using either your local IIS SMTP Pickup Service or any SMTP Server via network. If network sending is selected, you can specify Server, Port, Authentication Mode and Connection Timeout.
    • Optionally enable a "Free-Signup" domain in which anonymous clients can create their own POP3/WebMAIL Mailboxes on your server via a web interface.
    • Optionally append custom Host Footers to all outgoing WebMAIL messages (plain or HTML)

    WebMAIL Color Scheme Settings screenshot
    • WebMAIL web pages are designed to function either within, or without, framesets--you can provide your own logos, links and advertisements in an adjacent frame or frames
    • Customize WebMAIL color scheme with the standard HTML color attributes: background image, background and foreground (text) colors, link colors, rules and borders colors, etc.

    Security & Reliability
    • Integrated with Windows System Security Features. The WebMAIL process implements Windows User Impersonation, or programmatic Login, to gain access to a client's e-mail files. WebMAIL user authentication is accomplished in a two step process: first, the client's e-Mail Address and POP3 Password are used to authenticate a client for login to WebMAIL. (Windows Accounts' Usernames and Passwords are never transmitted over the network). Then, WebMAIL accesses and decrypts an encrypted version of the Windows User Account login information, using the e-Mail Address and POP3 Password in conjunction with an encrypted "Shared Secret" that is stored locally on the server. Without the proper credentials and associated Shared Secret, the encrypted Windows user data can neither be accessed nor decrypted. When a client logs onto WebMAIL, they are not logging onto Windows--rather, the WebMAIL process logs on for them, strictly for purposes of accessing their e-mail messages and thereafter immediately logs off.
    • Windows NTFS File System Security is supported, and in fact required.
    • Full Synchronization is provided between the WebMAIL process, the POP3 Server Service, the MailDaemon e-Mail Routing Service, the stand-alone executable POP3 Admin Utility and the Web-based POP3 Domains Admin and POP3 Password Changer utilities. Multiple simultaneous administrative sessions are supported.
    • The WebMAIL codebase is written in C++ with MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) and the Microsoft Win32 API (Application Programming Interface) for efficient high speed performance, with rigorous exception handling added for rock-solid reliability.
    • DAWKCo WebMAIL operates as an isolated ISAPI Extension DLL without ASP or server-side scripting. The WebMAIL process runs fast and the WebMAIL web pages are designed to load fast!

    MD5 Credits: portions of the DAWKCoTM WebMAIL Extension program code that implement encryption and decryption were derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, copyright ©1991-1992 RSA Data Security, Inc.

    All product and company names, logos and trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are, or may be trademarks or servicemarks, or registered trademarks or servicemarks, of their respective owners.

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