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DAWKCoTM Software
Web Site Mapper Version 2.5.4
for Windows® (32-bit: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7)
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  • Overview

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    DAWKCoTM Web Site Mapper is a console (command line) application that will create or list a sitemap for a web site as either: a Sitemap Protocol sitemap file (XML or plain text), or a sitemap web page (HTML) with document links.

    Purpose of Web Site Mapper
    Web Site Mapper sitemap web page output screen shot

    Historically, a website's "sitemap" was just a web page with an hierarchically formatted listing of links to the contents of the web site. More recently, since the development of the Sitemap Protocol specification by a consortium of major Internet Search Engine companies (GoogleTM, Yahoo®, Microsoft® and AskTM), Sitemap files have become an important component of a webmaster's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. DAWKCo Web Site Mapper was designed to automate creation of both Sitemap Protocol sitemap files and traditional sitemap web pages for websites.

    Web Site Mapper sitemap xml file output screen shot

    DAWKCo Web Site Mapper is used by webmasters to create Sitemap Protocol sitemap files for submission to Internet Search Engines and for website content discovery by SE web crawlers. DAWKCo Web Site Mapper is also used to generate sitemap display listings for review and analysis, and to generate traditional sitemap web pages.

    Web Site Mapper sitemap text listing output screen shot

    A web site administrator's content organization and analysis tasks are simplified by using DAWKCo Web Site Mapper. A quick look at an automatically generated sitemap web page can reveal inaccurate or redundant document titles; reviewing the plain text sitemap listing can expose misplaced or obsolete files which should be moved or removed.

    Features of Web Site Mapper
    • Automatically create UTF-81 encoded XML2 sitemap files conforming to the Sitemap Protocol3.
    • Automatically create UTF-8 encoded plain Text sitemap files conforming to the Sitemap Protocol.
    • Automatically create HTML sitemap web pages that can be automatically customized for thematic style with CSS style sheets and page headers and footers.
    • Generate display listings of website sitemap files in any of the three supported formats (XML, Plain Text, HTML).
    • Include files in sitemap by specifying a list of filename extensions to include.
    • Include virtual directories in sitemap when specified "Default" document(s) are present in the directories.
    • Exclude from sitemap all "Disallow" entries listed under User-agent:* in the web site's /robots.txt file.
    • Enable/disable inclusion of optional <url> subelements (<priority>, <lastmod> and <changefreq>) in XML sitemaps.
    • A helper script is provided for URL-encoding of website sitemap file URLs for submission to Internet Search Engines.

    1 UTF-8:  Unicode Transformation Format 8-bit; a character encoding fully compatible with US-ASCII that also provides for encoding the full range of international Unicode characters.
    2 XML:  Extensible Markup Language; a specification widely used for the definition of database schema and database content in textual form.
    3 Sitemap Protocol:  see for more information.

    For more details, download the DAWKCo Web Site Mapper Help file from the Help File Downloads web page.

    Requirements for DAWKCo Web Site Mapper
    • Windows® operating system (32-bit: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 or later).
    • Read/Write access to the file system (local/remote/network share) of the host system where the website being mapped resides. (DAWKCo Web Site Mapper is not an HTTP web crawler.)

    Tech Support for DAWKCo Web Site Mapper

    Free* phone and e-mail tech support is available for DAWKCoTM Web Site Mapper software installation and setup issues. *Limitations apply--see your license agreement.

    Please see our Tech Support page for support contact info, the support FAQ, help with Setup and Known Issues, Example Screen Shots, and a search tool for Support Inquiry Response (SIR) articles.

    MD5 Credits: portions of the DAWKCoTM Web Site Mapper software contain code that implements the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, copyright ©1991-1992 RSA Data Security, Inc.

    All product and company names, logos and trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are, or may be trademarks or servicemarks, or registered trademarks or servicemarks, of their respective owners.

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