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DAWKCoTM Software
BackupSecure Version 1.5
for Windows® (32-bit: Vista, 2008, 7)
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  • Overview

    File cabinet and key icon of DAWKCo BackupSecure for Windows Vista / Server 2008 for backup of secure confidential encrypted files

    DAWKCoTM BackupSecure is a console (command-line) application for Windows® Vista and Windows Server 2008 that will backup files and folders from any local or remote NTFS disk to any disk media accessible via disk drive path or network share UNC path.

    Purpose of BackupSecure
    View of BackupSecure backup files and catalogs

    DAWKCo BackupSecure provides backup flexibility not currently available in the Windows Server Backup application that is included with Windows Server 2008. Specifically, you cannot use Windows Server Backup to backup a single file or the contents of a file folder tree--it will only backup entire disk Volumes; and, Windows Server Backup will not allow the use of removable media as the backup file destination. With DAWKCo BackupSecure, you can backup either a single file or the contents of a file folder tree from any local or remote NTFS disk, and you can backup to removable media, such as: DVD, CD, floppy disk or Zip disk; you can also use a UNC path on a network Share for your backup file destination.

    DAWKCo BackupSecure Backup file icon

    DAWKCo BackupSecure writes backup files that contain the raw NTFS disk data of your backed up files and folders, including: directories, security descriptors, attributes, and in the case of EFS encrypted files, the raw encrypted data.

    DAWKCo BackupSecure Catalog file icon

    While Windows Server Backup is good for backing up an entire system, it requires that one or more redundant hard disks be installed and available on the system and does not allow for convenient removal of backup media for off-site storage of backups. Although DAWKCo BackupSecure is not designed to do "bare metal" backups for system restore, it does provide administrators with the ability to backup specific data files and then remove the backup media from the system for safe storage of the backed up data.

    Features of BackupSecure
    • Designed for (requires) Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.
    • Provides flexibility of backup source and destination options not available in Windows Server Backup.
    • BackupSecure backups preserve NTFS file security descriptors, file attributes, and EFS encrypted file data in its raw encrypted form.
    • BackupSecure command-line options facilitate automation of backups through Scheduled Tasks.
    • Easily restore files and folders from BackupSecure backups to their original locations or alternate locations. For example, to automatically restore backed up data to its original location, but overwrite only older files, just double-click the BackupSecure backup file and your done. More advanced options are available when running BackupSecure from the Command Line.

    For more details, download the DAWKCo BackupSecure Help file from the Help File Downloads web page.

    Requirements for DAWKCo BackupSecure
    • Windows® Vista or Windows Server 2008 operating system.
    • Administrative priveleges on the computer where BackupSecure is launched.

    Tech Support for DAWKCo BackupSecure

    Free* phone and e-mail tech support is available for DAWKCoTM BackupSecure software installation and setup issues. *Limitations apply--see your license agreement.

    Please see our Tech Support page for support contact info, the support FAQ, help with Setup and Known Issues, Example Screen Shots, and a search tool for Support Inquiry Response (SIR) articles.

    MD5 Credits: portions of the DAWKCoTM BackupSecure software contain code that implements the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, copyright ©1991-1992 RSA Data Security, Inc.

    All product and company names, logos and trademarks or servicemarks contained herein are, or may be trademarks or servicemarks, or registered trademarks or servicemarks, of their respective owners.

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