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DAWKCo Software Technical Support

Example Screen Shots (images): DNS, POP3, SMTP, TCP/IP
These images provide visual examples of some things discussed in the SIR's and FAQ's. The settings depicted are specific to one test/development system's configuration in a LAN environment--settings required in your environment may vary, but will likely be similar in many respects. When the image pop-up window first opens, you may want to resize the window larger to eliminate the need for scrolling or image resizing.

Search SIR (Support Inquiry Responses)
We respectfully request that you first search the Tech Support Inquiry Responses for help with your technical issue before generating a new inquiry. If you can't find the info you need, e-Mail a new Support Inquiry. Thank you.
- Input a word, or words separated by spaces, or a phrase.
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Phone* and e-Mail Tech Support

DAWKCo Software Technical Support
Phone:  1-530-824-9577
Location:  Northern California, USA

Free e-Mail Tech Support

*Two free phone support incidents are covered with the software license agreement; however, toll charges may still apply.

Prospective customers with technical inquiries about our software may call any time.

TERMS OF USE: we attempt to ensure accuracy and validity to the best of our knowledge of all technical support information provided here; however, all information contained in or displayed on this technical support website is provided "AS-IS" with NO WARRANTIES of any kind either expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for any particular purpose. The reader assumes any and all risk when using this information. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this technical support website.

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