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Website design and Web page design. Coding of: HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, C#, C++, VB, PERL CGI scripts, ISAPI Extension DLL scripts, online forms and shopping carts. We also do logo and graphic design, animations, sounds, MIDI music and streaming audio/video. We'll create YOUR Home Page for as little as $US 49.95.

A few of the websites we've worked on:
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Note: some links are inactive because either the site no longer
exists or has been moved, or it is under different management.

Services List & Prices*
Description $(US)
Basic Web Page: 1 Graphic, 4 links, 1 table, up to 8-1/2 x 11 text 49.95
Volume Discount: Add'l Basic Web Pages (2 - 4), each 44.95
Volume Discount: Add'l Basic Web Pages (5 - 9), each 40.95
Volume Discount: Add'l Basic Web Pages (10+), each 37.95
Background Graphic, Design, add to page 14.95
Logo Graphic, Design, add to page 44.95
Scan/Retouch Supplied Logo Graphic, add to page 22.95
Graphic, Design, add to page 29.95
Scan/Retouch Supplied Graphic, add to page 14.95
Add Additional Supplied Digital Graphic to page 7.95
Image Map/Nav Menu, Design, add to page (6 links; add'l $5 ea) 29.95
Frames, Design, add to page (combo of up to 3) 19.95
Online Form/CGI Script, Design, add to page (up to 15 inputs) 24.95
Streaming Video production (per quote) ---.--
Convert standard Video to Streaming Media 22.95
Add Supplied Streaming Video (.ASF, .WMV) to page 11.95
Animated Graphic, Design, add to page (per quote) ---.--
Basic Sound (.WMA, .WAV, .AU), Design, add to page (per quote) ---.--
Add Supplied Sound to page 11.95
Convert standard Audio to Streaming Media, add to page 14.95
Basic Music (.MID), Design, add to page (per quote) ---.--
Add Supplied Music (.MID) to page 11.95
Additional Hyperlinks (to HREF/NAME Anchors, each) 0.95
25 Search Engines/Dirs Submissions 29.95
50 Search Engines/Dirs Submissions 49.95
100 Search Engines/Dirs Submissions 83.95
Banner Ad for link exchange (each), Design, add to page 29.95
Changes To Existing Web Page (per quote--$14.95 minimum) ---.--
Other Custom Design, Programming, e.g.: Graphics, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JScript, VBScript, PERL, C#, C/C++, VBasic (per quote--$29.95 per hour) ---.--
*Prices may change without notice.

Contract Terms
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Specifically, WE REFUSE TO DESIGN OR ASSIST ANY PORN, KIDDY PORN OR HATE SITE.
  • Payment of at least half the amount of the purchase total is required before any design work will commence on a project. The total balance due must be paid before delivery.
  • Guarantee and Limitations: websites coded by DAWKCo(tm) Software are guaranteed to be free of code errors--errors reported within 30 days will be corrected free of charge. DAWKCo Software and The Kelly Company make NO guarantees about the success or failure of a purchaser's marketing efforts or about how many people will visit their website.
  • THE PURCHASER ASSUMES ALL RISK--DAWKCo Software and The Kelly Company assume NO liability for any result of the use of any website.
  • Copyrights: all web pages designed and coded by DAWKCo(tm) Software must bear a copyright notice in 8 point typeface (minimum) at the bottom of the web page similar to the following:
    Web Pages by DAWKCo Software
    Copyright ©2014 DAWKCo(tm) Software, all rights reserved.
    To comply with U.S. laws and regulations, for each website designed and coded by DAWKCo Software for which we receive a fee, we will file a "Deposit of Copyrights" at the U.S. Library of Congress with the contents of the website.

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